Burlington, VT — Vermont Brewers Festival is back at the Burlington Waterfront for the first time since 2019. 37 breweries will be in attendance and the festival boasts over 200 different beers you can try.

One couple said they have been waiting months for this event. Tracy and Martin visit Vermont three times a year to go to breweries, and now all of their favorites are in the same location. “We get to sample in a tasting manner all the variety of different beers, and we like different styles so we get to try out things that we like more individually,” said Martin Boyle.

Tracy had bought them tickets for the festival for Valentine’s Day. “It is the second most important thing in my life so I was very excited,” said Martin. “Her and then the beer.”

Emma Arian, the Marketing and Promotions Manager for the Vermont Brewers Association says there are many changes this year.

“You walk in though the door and you will get handed a badge, which is different this year, we have done tickets in the past,” said Arian. “On your badge there will be 15 places to be hole punched, so every three ounce pour you will get a hole punch, and you get 15 of those pours.”

Around 7,000 people are expected. “So you really get to try beers that you would never try again, which I think is exciting, and this is run by the breweries themselves and when you go to get one you are talking to the person that made the beer.” 

Many of the breweries including Switchback are partnering up with local farms.

“We did a collab brew with Champlain Valley Hops using locally grown hops,” said Gretchen Langfeldt, Plant Engineer for Switchback Brewing. “It’s called Shoots and Ladders. Its named after our innovation brewer Morgan’s favorite trail at Cochran’s Mountain Biking Trail, local hops beer and local name.”

Martin says it’s an event you don’t want to miss out on. “Run here, don’t walk.”

People attending will either need to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.