The story of fourth-generation Williston farmers is coming to Netflix. The hour-long episode is part of a documentary series called “My Love.” 

Ginger and David Isham have lived their whole lives in Vermont. On April 13, they plan to give a closer look of their family farm and love story.

“I saw this wonderful girl sitting right there. For some reason or another, my mind and my heart just hit right there, and I loved her ever since,” said fourth-generation farmer David Isham.

David met his wife at a barn dance more than 60 years ago, and explained it was love at first site. In 2019, the Williston couple was contacted by Boardwalk Pictures, a production company based in Santa Monica, California.

“It’s really observational and you follow them wherever they go in Vermont. And you know, it is not a film about issues and it’s not a film about problems. It’s really a film about companionship and love and really the quiet moments between them,” said episode Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon.

For one week every month, Sheldon captured their everyday life and celebrations, including their 60th wedding anniversary. 

“I’m not always the boss, she’s not always the boss. If we got something coming up…why make a fuss about it,” said David.

That’s David’s secret to long and healthy marriage. For Ginger, it’s balance and teamwork.

“He had his role and I had my role and we each took it seriously and did it to the best of ability and I think that’s why we got along for so many years,” said Ginger.

In the series, Ginger and David are one six couples around the world sharing their love story. Ginger says she hopes the episode makes people happy as we continue to fight through the pandemic. 

“We need to do something to give everybody a lift and that’s what I feel this documentary is doing. It’s giving somebody something to laugh about,” said Ginger.