Democratic winners and runners-up from this week’s Vermont primary gathered at the statehouse steps in unity Thursday, pledging to come together for the November general election.

“More than ever Vermonters need leadership that will provide support, guidance, and direction as well rebuild,” said Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, who won the gubernatorial nomination to take on Gov. Phil Scott.

Zuckerman and runnerup Rebecca Holcombe had their differences in the race for governor. But both are in favor of universal health care, a $15 minimum wage and a medical leave program for all Vermont workers.  

However, they clashed over vaccinations during the campaign. Holcombe, a former secretary of the Vermont Agency of Education, criticized Zuckerman for his opposition to legislation that would allow children to attend c\school without first obtaining recommended vaccinations.

Putting that aside, Holcombe congratulated Zuckerman on his victory.

“Politics and government are about solving problems, keeping people safe and creating opportunities. That’s what Dems are, that’s what we’re gonna do and we are going to do it as a team. Congratulations David, race well run let’s get this done, ” she said.

In the primary race for lieutenant governor, Molly Gray defeated Sen. Tim Ashe. The two often clashed over Vermont’s lack of a paid family leave program and universal broadband access.

Gray said Montpelier needs fresh leadership as well.

“As a first time candidate I am beyond humbled, beyond humbled by the support, but what I am most proud of is that together we built a campagin that brought new voices into politics, that spoke with Vermonters from every county even in via Zoom, every generation, and background and that worked together to unite our state around a bold vision for a brighter future, ” she said.

Ashe said that, despite all their differences during the primary, their focus will now be on winning the general election.  

“Over my time as pro tem and I think if any of you were there when I was sworn in three and a half years ago I talked about the importance to me about teams and my leadership style has always been when things are going well to disperse credit and when things aren’t going well to take the heat,” Ashe said.