The Vermont Green FC soccer team opened training camp Tuesday, and anticipation is building at Virtue Field for the Green’s first game of its second season against Boston this weekend.

“All the players, excited to be here back in the community and prepared to play in this stadium, it’s something we look forward to each week,” said Head Coach Adam Pfeifer.

“It’s a community that loves the team and a team that loves the community,” said Midfielder Daniel Pacella.

Vermont Green FC players want to be at the forefront of a cultural movement, and that involves growing the sport of soccer in the state which was without a semi professional soccer team in recent memory.

“It’s something that when I came here, my freshman year, it wasn’t really there. Then when Vermont Green came about, and you can see how it’s building that soccer atmosphere,” said Pacella.

Oliver Martin, a Williston native, says getting to play in front his family and friends at Virtue means the world.

“It’s definitely like a dream come true. I waited all my life to play at a high enough level where I can represent Vermont, and this is finally a time, I can do that,” said Martin.

Players like these were instrumental in putting their state on the maps, as the green reached the second round of the playoffs in just their first season.

“I think all these guys want to be professional soccer players, that’s why they’re here for the summer. They want to be in these environments. The idea is to embrace it and enjoy it as much as possible,” said Pfeifer.

The Vermont Green players are not the only ones working; the jersey designers are also playing their part in spreading the team’s goals, which extend beyond the field.

“Just like last year, this jersey was made from 100% recycled materials polyester. It’s very important to us that we embed our mission into our merchandise program. We want to be able to influence and inspire other sports teams and soccer teams around the country,” said Jersey Designer Matthew Wolff.

The sight of watching Vermont Green FC play at Virtue will be a must-see, as season tickets have already sold out.

The team will kick off the season in Boston this Saturday, with eager fans looking forward to the home opener at Virtue Field, scheduled for May 26.