A month ago, Governor Phil Scott visited Montreal to meet with Canadian business leaders with an interest in working with Vermont. On Tuesday, Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs visited the Green Mountain State to see what Vermont has to offer.

Ela Louise Allaire, CEO of MONLOVE, a Montreal-based entertainment company says she is always looking for opportunities to do business with the U.S.

“Vermont and Quebec, maybe there’s some natural fit here,” she said. “It’s more curated around the countryside, the good food. We discovered incredible cheese lately that is from Vermont. I think there should be more collaboration definitely, because we’re so close.”

Lindsay Kurrle, Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, says they have been wanting to strengthen their economic ties with Canada. “It’s exciting to think they want to have a presence in the U.S.,” Kurle said. “We feel Vermont is the ideal location for them to do that, we’re so close.”

Multiple Canadian business moguls shared the missions of their companies.

“Since Vermont is so close to Quebec, we also have a lot of services that we need, like in the U.S. for instance, one of our immigration lawyers are here in Burlington,” said Martin Lord Ferguson, Chief Creative Officer of MONLOVE.

The Agency of Commerce and Community Development has been talking with several businesses Scott made contact with during his trade mission to Quebec. On Tuesday, Canadian entrepreneurs were able to talk about potential locations with Vermont officials.

“I was so excited to hear how diverse the offerings were, the different businesses that are here today,” said Kurrle. “We heard from companies who manufacture toys, we heard from companies who help people who are suffering from addiction.”