Montpelier, VT — State officials have announced that Vermont’s own mask initiative will begin soon. The goal of the mask initiative is to ship KN95 and “procedure” masks to vulnerable Vermonters who have high-risk jobs, lack the resources to purchase masks, or work in business or tourist sites.

The Vermont Emergency Management says 30,000 KN95 masks will be distributed to the Agency of Human Services community partners, including senior centers, libraries, meal programs, and shelters. The masks will also be sent to the following high-risk occupations:

  • 9,000 to 200 wastewater facilities
  • 10,000 to the AHS for high-risk employees
  • 5,000 to 8 transit companies
  • 500 to the Agency of Transportation for field personnel
  • 10,000 to the AHS for congregate care facilities
  • 100,000 masks to schools

Procedure masks will also be available for staff and visitors. Businesses will get 300,000 and tourist areas including welcome centers and ski areas will receive 250,000. An additional 25,000 will go towards four testing sites and in the coming weeks, masks will be at all testing sites.

Mark Bosma, Public Information Officer for Vermont Emergency Management released a statement that reads: “This isn’t a widespread distribution effort like the testing kits. This is getting them [masks] to places where there may be gaps, a personal hardship, or occupations that put people at an elevated risk.”