St. Albans, VT –On December 16, 1773, Adam Beal Jr., Patrick William Cox, and Samuel Hammond were part of a group that snuck aboard a British ship and dumped crates of tea into Boston Harbor.

Now, nearly 250 years after the Boston Tea Party, they are receiving commemorative graveyard plaques.

Beal and Cox were commemorated Wednesday at the Greenwood Cemetery in St. Albans and West Fairlee Village Cemetery. Hammond will be honored on Thursday at the West Wardsboro Cemetery.

Patricia Rugg, 4th great-granddaughter of Adam Beal Jr., said she was “very honored” to be part of the commemorations.

“They should be honored, they should be thanked,” she said. “They went through an awful lot, settling in this country. And look at the way we live today – it’s because of them today that we have such a great life.”

Next year is the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and by that time, all known participants will have markers on their graves.