The Vermont State Police bomb squad has a new member and she’s breaking barriers for women in law enforcement.

Trooper Audrey Currier joined the state police in 2019. 

“My father was a law enforcement officer so it kind of just fit,” Currier said. 

Trooper Currier had a goal of joining the VSP bomb squad. She made it at the age of 27, and she’s the only female on it.

“I did not think it would pop up this soon, it’s a small team, it’s hard to get on the guys who get on, they stay on for years,” Currier said. 

Members of the team attend a six-week basic course in Alabama and they’re all certified by the FBI as bomb technicians.

“I got to go to a training the other day we got to dispose of some explosives so I got to experience my first demolition and it was pretty memorable,” Currier said. 

It’s a career field dominated by men. Vermont only has 40 female state troopers, but a few of them tried out for the bomb squad.

“There were three females that tried out,” Currier said. “I think it’s just historically a team where it takes a lot to get on and this year I think it showed there are a multitude of people interested.”

The VSP bomb squad is the only non-military unit of its kind in the state.

“And there is a series of schools that I will go to such as robotics and then weapons of mass destruction along those lines, it’s going to take a couple of years but it will be worth it,” Currier said,” Currier said.

Trooper Currier is having a blast being part of this team.

“I was super excited, you know I didn’t want to build my hopes up too much,” Currier said. “I just wanted to put forth  my best effort and hope that my work and ethics spoke for itself.”

The team holds monthly training throughout the year.