A sugar house in Vermont has made its way onto a TV series. They share their love for all things maple. 

Chef Andrew Zimmern traveled around the U.S. to learn about food and family traditions for his show, ‘Family Dinner’. He landed in Vermont, at Palmer’s sugarhouse. 

“We were contacted by a producer who was searching for a family who had traditions,” David Palmer, owner of Palmer’s Sugarhouse. “And in Vermont, maple is a tradition and it is something that we have been doing in my family for over 75 years.”

David works at the sugarhouse in Shelburne, along with his wife Michele. All of their recipes include a little bit of maple syrup, starting with thier maple candies. 

“We also made maple creme, maple sugar, we had a ham, maple glazed ham for dinner,” David Palmer said. 

Crews spent two days filming up to ten hours a day. During those days, Michele Palmer said it was a lot of hard work

“We cooked almost every maple product that we make,” Michele Palmer said. “Traditional maple products and then a few extras on top.”

David Palmer said it’s special to get to share his family traditions with others. 

“My grandmother and my father showed us how to do these things and my kids love participating in this,” David Palmer said. “Hopefully when we see this airing this evening it will show them actually making these products because they were very involved in it.”

The Palmer’s plan to watch the episode Friday night at the sugarhouse. 

“We’re doing a launch party,” Michele Palmer said. “A small gathering of folks that make our sugarhouse special.”

And what do they think the key is to their success? 

“It’s the people that come here that make our maple so special,” Michele Palmer said. “I think its our family who helps us through the sugar season, the community.”

You could stream the episode on Discovery plus.