Those people who are fans of reality television you likely watch the Bravo network.

One of the franchises the network airs is Below Deck, and earlier this month the show ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ aired with a familiar face.

For those who haven’t seen the show, this reality show captures what it is like working, living, and sleeping on a superyacht.

Burlington native, Anastasia Surmava stars as the shows, third stewardess.

Anastasia tells us, she was a fan of the show well before she was cast.

“It’s funny because through the last three-four years of yachting all of my guests would be like, “oh is your life like below deck.”  And I would always be like no it’s not like that,” said Anastasia.

And after a six-week charter season, Anastasia realized it was more than a show.

“But after doing it, I was like ‘yes’. It actually is exactly like that,” she said.

Well, last September she was able to experience it all for herself. Anastasia was working underneath season veterans of the show and the yachting industry, Hannah Ferrier.

In seasons past, not all stewardesses got along with Hannah. Anastasia tells us, she still remains close with her interior team.

“I do have a respect for hierarchy. And Hannah is telling me to do something, I am going to. There is a reason why she has three stripes on her epaulet,” she said.

Those people thinking to live and work on a superyacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea would be the ideal life, this is what Anastasia has to say.

“Our area (crew quarters) is so tiny, our job is so stressful, and we are all working such long hours (at times 16-18 hour days). Tensions do get high and some times you say things and do things that you don’t mean.”

If given the opportunity, Anastasia would enjoy going back for another season. She would even be willing to work under Captain Lee & Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain on ‘Below Deck’.

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For those looking to watch Torrance’s full interview with Anastasia Surmava, click here.