An incoming winter storm is set to hit Vermont on Thursday and Friday, bringing in heavy snow across the Green Mountain State. In anticipation of poor road conditions, Vermonters are rushing to shop and finish errands before Thursday.

“I decided to get some food today on my break because I knew that the roads are going to start to get bad,” shared Emily Brewer.

Another shopper, Kelly Davin said, “I have my own business, the Nutty Vermonter. I had six deliveries to make today, and I wanted to get to the store before the storm started.”

Tow truck companies like Handy’s Service Center are prepared to rescue cars that get stuck. “All of our drivers are ready to go and we have extra people coming on to help.”

According to Handy’s, the most common cause of problems they see are cars not having snow tires. “The problem we see on the roads, people don’t have snow-tires,” said Charlie Handy. “And they try to climb like Main Street up the hill and they go halfway up and they’re stuck. And then when they’re stuck, everyone else gets stuck because they can’t pass.” 

Brewer says she is prepared to drive in the snow but is worried about not making it to work on time. “I just recently got my snow-tires put on and I think that is the way to go. I got about a 20-minute commute and I haven’t driven it yet in the snow, so I’ll be curious to see what changes and how much longer it is and if I’ll make it to work on time.”

 Handy’s recommends that if you don’t have to drive, don’t do so, but if you are driving, to slow down. “They need to slow down a little bit. You know, especially people who have front rear vehicles. They don’t handle as good as four wheel drive or trucks so that’s another issue that we deal with,” remarked Handy.

VTrans will be out in full force, with 250 plow trucks ready to clear away accumulated snow. “We have a lot of dedicated employees who are out there for the right reasons. To take care of the customers who are on their roadways,” said Todd Law, Deputy Director of the Agency of Transportation.

Green Mountain Power recently released a statement advising people to stay away from downed lines and trees. They also say to charge your phones tonight and to keep a flashlight on hand with an extra pair of batteries.