As Town Meeting Day approaches, local officials are preparing to put millions of dollars toward water infrastructure projects. Officials say these projects will help keep water clean and bring it safely in and out of homes and buildings.

Neil Kamman, Director of Vermont’s Water Infrastructure Division says Vermont will see around $400 million in federal funding for water infrastructure. A large amount of federal funding is still on the way to Vermont to help municipalities. “Things like drinking water treatment, pipes that deliver drinking water to homes, pipes that deliver wastewater from homes back to wastewater treatment plants, and then wastewater and storm water treatment.

“Through the infrastructure investment and jobs act, there are going to be about 360 million dollars coming to Vermont over the next five years to support drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.”

There are a number of communities with big initiatives and projects will vary in expense and size. The city of Burlington is going after a fairly large bond again, the city of Colchester is trying to fix leaking failing septic systems with us.”

The city of Vergennes is an area where there is consistent overflows from the sewer, so it has a larger proposal. “25 million dollars that would fix all of the pipes that go down to the wastewater system that would disconnect all the street run off from the wastewater pipes and that would also rebuild the wastewater treatment plant.”

John O’Keefe, Town Manager of Manchester, VT, is hoping voters will approve several infrastructure-related articles on the ballot, including an expansion of their sewer system. The cost is 1.9 million dollars.

“And so that will allow us to make a lot smarter use of land in that particular area for example as we develop that property we won’t be taking up a lot of it with septic systems.” It would run from near the town’s new library north to Town Hall, where it would connect to a mobile home park.

Kamman says residents should be curious, and ask their local officials a lot of questions.