Williston, VT — Vermont State Police are officially moving into Williston and a new field station will house state of the art equipment for troopers. The project has been eight years in the making and the new, two-story building is said to reduce response times, and give troopers a safe environment to work in.

“The employees of the Vermont State Police – and all employees everywhere – deserve a safe, professional workplace to do their job,” said Jennifer Morrison, Commissioner for the Department of Public Safety. “We’re really grateful for this new field station, it has been a long time coming.”

Colonel Matthew Birmingham, Director of the Vermont State Police, says he is proud of how far this project has progressed. “It will house our emergency communication centers. It will also house all of our special teams vehicles, our special operations unit, in addition to troopers that are responding to calls for service, and detectives in our criminal division, so it’s going to be a busy place. It’s incredibly important for us to be in a facility that provides us with the state of the art resources that we need now as law enforcement evolves.”

He noted that the new equipment at the Williston location will make it easier for troopers to do their jobs. With construction underway on the Williston Park and Ride, questions were raised about the traffic impact the new project may create.

Jonathan Griffin from the Department of Building and General Services addressed some of the impacts, saying, “They were relatively minor, given that we already had existing impacts, given the proximity of the existing public safety building. So moving them to this side of 89 actually reduced the impacts a little bit because we’re on the other side of the interchange.”

Griffin says the location has better road access and is closer to the highway.

The new barracks is expected to open next year in the fall of 2023. It will be the largest Vermont State Police field station in the state.