Over the weekend, troopers from the Vermont State Police were dealing with a two-car crash on Interstate-91 in Dummerston when another car on the highway lost control, rolled across the median and almost slammed into a trooper.

Video of the near-miss shows Kayne Ravenna, 28, losing control as he came around a bend on I-91 north, Ravenna, who had not been wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from the vehicle but only sustained minor injuries. His two daughters who were securely buckled also sustained minor injuries.

“I was probably in the car for three or four revolutions,” said Ravenna. “Honestly, I’m just grateful and thankful to be able to wake up, to hold my girls, and hold my family.”

Trooper Nathan Jensen, who was on the scene, says speed and snowy conditions made for an eventful Saturday morning. “We saw him get ejected as the car was rolling, and he pretty much got right up and went right to the vehicle to get his kids out, and we were both shocked. He’s fortunate enough that he could get right up.”  

Kayne’s wife Lyndsey Ravenna shared, “They kept praising Kayne because they said the only reason my children are alive is because of great car seats and being strapped in so greatly. That’s the only reason my kids are here. They have no explanation for it.” 

With snow in the forecast later this week, the Agency of Transportation says it will be out on the roads starting Thursday night. V-Trans urges Vermonters to drive at reduced speeds and to move over for any emergency vehicles.

This article has been edited to correct the trooper’s name. It is Nathan Jensen.