It’s an incredibly gray, damp and drizzly finish to 2021! Low hanging clouds, fog and a little bit of mixed precipitation… this stagnant air mass is the forecast for both Thursday and Friday.

As we kick off the New Year at midnight Saturday there’s a chance for some drizzle, depending on temperature, it could be freezing drizzle, plain drizzle or flurries… either way most showers remain light.

Rain showers overspread the region towards the afternoon January 1st (so you still have the chance to hit the slopes without getting soaked) becoming more widespread and picking up in intensity overnight and through the early hours Sunday.

That is where our models split and the forecast gets a little foggy (no pun intended).

We do know a secondary low is developing behind this system, that’s in charge of funneling in the colder temperatures from the north, eventually allowing for the rain to flip to snow. The problem is the placement of the low….

A more northerly track keeps the colder air locked in up further north, and means an icy forecast for northern parts of the state and rain for southern zones…

A more southerly track allows for colder air to drain further southern meaning that northern parts of the state see snow and southern parts of the state have the chance at the ice.

A forecast somewhere in between these two solution is more than likely, but we’ll need a little bit more time to get into the finer details of this system to give you the best outlook on the cut off of the colder air… so stay tuned.

Either way that cold air will eventually make its way in, and bitter temperature are with us as we kick off the new year. Some of the coldest we’ve seen all season!

Check back tomorrow for a more detailed look at the storm set up!

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley