WARNING: Here come a long (but important) Weather Blog! I’ll try to keep things interesting!

It’s been a chilly start to Christmas Eve Eve… and with clear skies and sunshine all day long, temperature are only rebounding into the upper teens and lower twenties, wind chills feel more like teens and single digits.

Overnight some light snow rolls in around midnight, but stays for the most part south of Middlebury, leaving a dusting to 2″ by daybreak Friday… Morning lows are in the teens once again and skies are partly sunny through the rest of Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day… looks messy. UGH!

Here is the set up: Warm front noses into the region early Saturday morning (After Santa delivers the presents) and most of the region starts with a quick burst of light snow. But as temperature rise with the warm front that snow changes over to freezing rain, and for southern Vermont eventually plain rain. Icy road condition and slick travel is likely even though we’re only expecting 0.01 to 0.1″ of ice. That warm air only makes it so far north stalling out before it reaching the NEK, meaning the flakes are flying a little bit longer and snowfall accumulations reach a dusting to 3″

As we get into Sunday’s forecast things get interesting…

Good news enough cold air moves in behind Saturday’s storm that Sunday’s event looks to be all SNOW! That’s one saving grace!

A secondary low develops off the coast Sunday, reinvigorating the chance for snow. There is some uncertainty as to how much will fall, some of our models have just a few snow showers, others have a full blow snow storm. A HUGE DIFFERENCE! 

I need a little bit more consistency to give an exact forecast as to how much… A dusting to 10 inches helps no one, but just know it could be another day of difficult travel, before things finally wrap up Sunday Night!

Be sure to check back with the latest forecast!

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley