Some of our sunniest days are also our coldest and today is no exception! This morning our temperatures have fallen back into the teens and lower 20’s with wind chill in the single digits. Not bad compare to what’s to come…

As we head overnight, clear conditions and one of the coldest airmasses we’ve seen all season dips actual air temperatures back into the single and double digits below zero… but our winds remain breezy out of the north and west allowing windchills to fall back between -15 and -35 degrees below zero! Dangerous!

And even with a sunny forecast for Tuesday our daytime high temperatures barely crest above 0 degrees, with wind chill remain -10 to -20 degrees all afternoon long.

Another cold night is on tap for Tuesday night… no surprise we’re heading below zero once again. But the good news is our winds are settling, so the wind chill won’t be as much of a biting factor but still dipping below zero.

Stay warm and stay safe!

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley