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I am usually the type of person that doesn’t mind a rainy day, but after all the sunshine we’ve seen the past few days, I was a little sad putting on my rain jacket this morning. How are you feeling about the rain? 

Rain is coming down pretty heavy in some spots just after 6 am, but the back edge of the precip is in sight, already moving into the Champlain Valley. Drier weather is in sight with a few pokes of sunshine by Tuesday afternoon.

Behind this cold front, come a blustery northwesterly breezy at 10-20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. That will help to keep our temperatures below the 70° mark.

Clear skies and calm winds overnight Tuesday will allow our temperatures to fall into the mid 40’s overnight, with few pockets of fog developing by early Wednesday morning. Other than that, Wednesday will feature sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s as a high-pressure system take control of the forecast.

Unfortunately, this high-pressure system isn’t quite as expansive as this past weekend, so it’s only going to be sticking around for a day or so, and rain returns to the forecast Thursday afternoon and overnight into Friday, as we shift to a wetter pattern.

As for Father’s Day weekend, it doesn’t look like a complete washout, but there is a chance for a few showers both Saturday and Sunday. At this point, Saturday looks to be the dryer of the two days, but we will continue to nail down that forecast as it gets closer

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