They might be the most likable political hopefuls in history. Meet this year’s mayoral candidates for the town of Fair Haven — pet mayor that is.

It’s a packed race that includes incumbent Mayor Lincoln the goat. “She’s fun-loving, loves people… very friendly and very good with children,” said owner Chris Stanton.

She now faces a slew of equally adorable and civic-minded challengers. There’s veteran police K9 Sammy. 

“The kids like her. Elderly people like her. She’s a well-known celebrity within the community…she has five or six years of experience in town and local government,” said Fair Haven police chief Bill Humphries.

And Murfee the therapy dog, the first to serve the local elementary school’s reading program.

“They’ll put their arms around him. They’ll tell him secrets. It’s rewarding,” said Linda Barker, Murfee’s owner.

Rounding out the field are one-eyed dog Popeye Wink Jenkins, senior statesman Skidder, Daisy the golden retriever and Gabriel the cat. Oh and Gumball the gerbil. Unlike most elections, these candidates share a single platform: they’re raising money to rebuild the local playground. Right now, some parts aren’t safe to play on.

“The equipment there is over 20 years old. A lot of use and we could just use some help updating it,” Stanton said.

Though it’s not required to cast a ballot, those who show up to vote on election day are encouraged to donate to the playground fundraiser. For younger voters, the hope is their first foray into politics will be positive.

Pet mayor election day is less than a month away on March third. The town has a go-fund-me page and all the proceeds will go to the playground project. They’ve raised $10,000 so they’ve got a ways to go towards their $80,000 goal. To donate, click here.