Wet and chilly spring brings delays for local farmers

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It sure has felt like a wet and chilly spring, and one local farmer is feeling the heat, or lack of it.

At the country dreams farm in Plattsburgh this spring season is off to a slow start.

“Were very behind right now,” said Melissa Monty-Provost, owner of Country Dreams Farm.

From the pumpkins, to the hay and corn, this cool and wet spring has prevented them from prepping their fields and planting crops.

“We like a 70 degree soil temperature before we plant and were not where near close to that I haven’t even bothered checking it because all I have to do is touch it to know its way to cold at this point, were going to need some substantial heat to warm the ground up,” said Monty-Provost.

The average temperatures for mid-May is 67 degrees, so far this month our average high temperature is running 4 degrees below normal.

And it’s not just the crops that are feeling the chill, with spring comes baby goat season, but this colder weather is not helping the newborns.

“All mothers and babies go into a calf hut for a few days and most of the babies have worn a little coat for a few days before they can even be turned out in these chilly temperatures because they’re shivering when they’re born,” she said.

Monty provost worries not only about her baby animals, but what this delayed start will bring later this season.

“The pumpkins aren’t as big, definitely a reduction in the amount of hay we put up for the animals, possibly a reduction in the quality of the hay we put to feed the animals and the corn may not be as tall,” said Monty-Provost.

Saying that she might actually have to grow a variety of pumpkins that grows quicker, something she hasn’t done in her the 25 years at country dreams farm.

 “We’ll be behind and I’m not sure how well deal with that, it’s unknown to us right now,” said Monty-Provost.

This month Burlington has seen 2.49″ of precipitaiton, nearly an inch above normal.

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