If you are ever stuck in your car due to the cold weather, it is best to be prepared. There are essentials you should keep in your car if you find yourself in this situation. 

First let’s start with extra warm gear. You want to make sure you have an extra pair of gloves, hats and mittens. If you have an old blanket lying around your house, it’s good to throw that into the car too. Having a reflective jacket is important incase you have to get out of the car. This will make you visible to other drivers. 

It is important to have some snacks, because if you are stuck you never know how long it will be for. You could keep some water in your car, but make sure you don’t leave it there overnight or it will freeze. 

A snow brush and a shovel are essential to have in your car. Before you drive away make sure you are clearing your entire car off before you move. If you don’t, snow and ice could hit cars behind you and obstruct their vision. 

You want to have jumper cables in case your battery dies. Have a portable charger if your phone dies and you need to call someone to help you. 

Kitty litter is really good for traction! Just pour a little by your tires.