Middlebury, VT — A person purchased Vermont’s first-ever Powerball jackpot ticket worth $366.7 million at the Short Stop Jolley convenience store in Middlebury. Store manager Deb Alger has worked at the store for 28 years and went into work expecting to have just another typical day.

When she arrived, Alger saw the cashier Michelle and a customer and quickly realized that something was different. “They were going back and forth, and Michelle said we sold the winning Powerball ticket.”

Powerball is played across the country and also in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and until now, no one in Vermont had won the jackpot. The winning numbers were white balls 8, 40, 49, 58, and 63. The Powerball number was 14.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to us in Middlebury or even in the little state of Vermont so this was awesome,” said Alger.

“With the population here, someone winning it in Vermont is awesome,” said Andrew Collier, Vermont Deputy Commissioner of Liquor and Lottery.

Store visitors were shocked to hear the news. “That’s absolutely amazing,” said Gerhard Meyer, a Middlebury resident. “I mean 360 million dollars, my god! What could you do with that kind of money? Holy cow!” When asked what he would do with that much money, Gerhard said, “I’d pay off my debts and mortgage. I’d get a nice new vehicle and a nice power boat. Boy life would be good.”

“If I won that much money, I don’t know what I’d do with it,” said Rick Roessler, who was visiting in town. “It might change my life so much that I wouldn’t even recognize my life.”

Many said they don’t typically buy lottery tickets, but Alger expects to see more visitors buying tickets. “It’s Jolley and we are home of the daily smile so someone is out there wearing a smile.”

Collier says their staff will verify the ticket, confirm the numbers and verify the owners at a later date. He says the winner can choose to receive a sum of $208.5 million before taxes or get paid in 30 graduated payments over 29 years. Collier says the money raised from selling lottery tickets goes to the Vermont Education Fund and that the taxes on winnings of the Powerball will go towards Vermont’s General Funds, which will be used to benefit the community.

The identity of the winner remains unknown.