Emmy Olgyay is tapping into her roots.

“Emese Olgyay is my Hungarian name,” she says.

She hasn’t traveled back to Hungary since she was 18 years old, but she’s able to go there in her mind every day from her home in Winooski.

“This one I found in a drawer and this box and that tin and others,” says Olgyay.  “Just this one by itself I found.”

She’s talking about stamps.  Thousands of them.  Her grandfather, who was born in Hungary, used to collect them.

“First, my grandfather died and my grandmother came here to live with us for all of year until she died,” says Olgyay.  “My mom brought a lot of her things up here but a lot of the drawers were kept as is, so now it’s my task to go through everything and that’s how I found all of this.”

One might think these pieces of Emmy’s past would be priceless.  Not so, she says. 

“It’s really of no value to me and I’m assuming there’s someone who would get joy out of this that would go through each and every piece and say ‘oh, cool,” Olgyay says.

That’s why she posted on Front Porch Forum, looking for someone to donate her grandfather’s stamps to. 

“I’m thinking do people even collect stamps anymore?” she says.  “Are there people out there that do that?”

She hopes there is.  In the meantime, seeing Hungary again in person after all these years is one thing Emmy says money can’t buy.

“It’s on my bucket list to go back and see what it’s like now,” she says.

If you’d like to contact Emmy about her grandfather’s stamp collection, email her at emmy@tridyne.com.