Cathy Webster has made it her mission to help others enjoy the freedom of being in the water.

She works with the Northeast Disabled Athletic Association, giving people the chance to enjoy summer, no matter the obstacle.

“When you’re out in the water on the kayak, you don’t feel like you are disabled, you’re just going out there like everybody else,” Jamie Perron said.

“Every week in June, July, and August I have these group of folks that are interested in adaptive kayaking and through the NDAA, we have done some fundraising, folks come here and I sign them up in one hour slots based on their needs and the type of kayak I have,” Webster said.

“It’s great, I use to be an athlete, so being able to do something instead of sitting in a chair all day, and it’s just indescribable.  It gives me the freedom to go out and enjoy Vermont. I can get out on the lake, I can get out on the reservoir,” Andrew Thomas said.

“The reason I continue to do this, it absolutely amazes me to see the reaction of these people when they are not only on the water but moving independently, I get goosebumps no matter who it is every time,” Webster said.