Women Lead: Meet Mieko Ozeki

Women Lead

What do you get when you combine smart and driven women, and entrepreneurship?  Womenpreneurs.

“What if you can walk into the room and everyone celebrated what you did?”

Well, Mieko Ozeki got her wish.

“Vermont Womenpreneurs is a digital and event production that is kind of a celebration of women entrepreneurs here in the state. So we produce two showcases a year. Actually this is our first year and as well as meet-ups and coffee,” Ozeki said.

Her first Womenpreneurs Showcase in June sold out, we’re told her showcase in November also sold out in just eight hours.

“So it started actually a year ago.  I was newly unemployed and taking a gap time and I went to the center for Women and Enterprise, because I had a side gig with my business (Radiance Studios) and I took a workshop on solarpreneurship, and the person that was instructing was named Lisa Wood and at the end of the class she said something like why don’t you all just gather together, and I thought sure why not,” she said.

“Everything that I’ve done so far, I’ve looked at like I have a vat of spaghetti,  and every time I’m throwing it against the wall and I don’t know if it’s going to stick but I’m okay with seeing if it’s going to stick or not and following through if it does,” Ozeki said.

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