The sounds of spring are in the air at Green Mountain Compost in Williston on Tuesday. Where your organic waste is turned into ‘black gold’.

“We are taking in food scraps and other types of organic material from our community, including leaves and yard clippings,” said Jen Baer the Director of Sales with Green Mountain Compost.

This is just the first step in making compost for your gardens she says.

“It’s sort of like cooking, we are cooking compost here,” Baer said.

All the ingredients come from residents, keeping this process local.

“We are getting all the organic material and it’s being processed right here,” Baer said.

Leaves, and wood chips are also added into the mix, and of course are local. Each year 5,000 tons of yard debris, and 5,000 tons of food scraps are dropped of at the site in Williston.

Residential drop off is always free.

The process takes up to 10 months for the finished product to cure. It allows the microbes to get their work done.

“They are very beneficial (microbes) to going into people’s gardens because they continue to do their magic breaking down other organisms that come into the soil. Providing slow released nutrients,” Baer said.

“Those are great for us because, they are feeding our plants. They are adding to the over all health if we are growing our food from that soil,” Baer said.

Looking to mulch, make sure you know what that is made from.

“In some cases there can be a lot of chemicals that can leach into your soil. We (Green Mountain Compost) locally source our mulch and is natural,” Baer said.

The mulch will overtime breakdown into the soil, providing additional nutrients for your plants.