Lt. Gov. Zuckerman questions validity of saliva tests for roadside marijuana testing


Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor doesn’t have much faith in how lawmakers are proposing to test for people who may be driving while they’re high.
This as recreational marijuana possession is just months away from becoming legal in Vermont.
Marijuana legalization advocate and Lieutenant Governor Dave Zuckerman says there is no level of THC in your body which indicates impairment.

Therefore he says, a saliva test cannot determine if someone is too high to drive.
Vermont lawmakers are looking into saliva tests as a way for police to determine if someone is driving under the influence of marijuana.
“I think the saliva testing bill is kind of a red herring as far as a solution in search of defining the problem and it’s an incredible infringement because, unlike a breathalyzer, with a saliva test you get genetic material.” said Zuckerman.
The bill is currently being considered in the House Judiciary Committee.

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