Monday marks Tax Days and people have less than six hours to get returns in the mail or filed electronically. While many tax payers have already filed their taxes for the season, there are some who have waited until the last minute.

An accountant at Heritage Business Services says they are busier than ever. Morton Bostock says he has been working 12-hour shifts and this year, he has seen many of his clients struggling to make ends meet. He believes these increased challenges are coming from inflation and urges everyone to get their taxes in as soon as possible.

“It’s really depressing how the little guy is making out in all of this,” said Bostock. “If you haven’t done your taxes yet, please contact a preparer or do it yourself or get an extension. I can’t overstate that. There are penalties involved if you don’t.”

Bostock added, “I’m tired and can’t wait till tomorrow morning.” Bostock says if you do decide to file a 6-month extension, to not wait until the last minute. He also says to reach out to the IRS if you run into problems filing your taxes.