If you heard music in the air today, well, there was a reason for it.  From Church Street, to the Fletcher Free Library, to a handful of state parks, and other communities, people in Vermont were making music.  Burlington was just one of many spot taking part in a day focused on the arts.

Make Music Day was created 34 years ago in France.  More than 700 cities and towns in 120 countries took part Tuesday across the globe.  Whether you’re young or old, amateur or professional. it’s about appreciating the art of music.

“Any day that’s devoted to music is a good day by me,” said Nate Wright, just moments after performing a rendition of Bill Wither’s Ain’t No Sunshine.  Tuesday was all about making music in Vermont.  

“We’ve created this ecology of different sounds and musicianship that is just world-class,” said Jim Lockridge, Executive Director of Big Heavy World.  The non-profit group is dedicated to creating musical opportunities in the Green Mountain State.  It’s why they brought the global Make Music Day to Vermont.  “As big as this is, as international as this event is, what’s happening in Vermont can happen down at the neighborhood level.  Down at the level of a front porch where someone is playing their instrument for the neighbors,” added Lockridge.

“The more music in this world, the better a world we’re going to have,” said Sean Kehoe, a guitarist, who hit Church Street with his band-mate Wright.  The two are part of Burlington-area-favorite Gang of Thieves.  They grabbed their instruments and hit church street to inspire others to make music.  “Growing up it was all music for me.  By the time I was 12 or 13, I had already decided i was going to be a professional trombonist,” said Wright.

Make Music was happening all over the state.  In fact,  Vermont was the first to push it statewide.  

“Support your local musicians because there’s a lot of people in the community who make music.  They do it for fun, they do it because they have to and they feel the need and emotional response,” stated Kehoe.  “Every Vermonter with music in their heart, is included in Make Music Vermont and make music day across the world,” added Lockridge.

Other communities that took part in Make Music Day include White River Junction, Essex, and Grand Isle.  The Make Music Vermont continued Tuesday evening, a Haitian Rock Group hit the stage at the Community Sailing Center in Burlington.