October is breast cancer awareness month.  As the month comes to a close, so do the many fundraisers and events happening around the country aimed at fighting breast cancer. 

Many local fundraisers are pushing to close out the month with some big events.

Men Wear Pink is an American Cancer Society, or ACS, campaign aimed at raising awareness and raising money. 

ACS Senior Development Manager, Joan Sterling explained what it’s all about.

“I have 19 different men, and some of them are part of businesses and some are just men on their own, have made a commitment to the American Cancer Society- to one: wear something pink every day in the month of October.  So, I went pink with my hair.  Number two, to spread  breast cancer awareness the whole month of October.  And three: to try and raise at least $2,500 for the American Cancer Society.”

In the North Country, the American Cancer Society has put on several events, including one coming up this Saturday. 

“We have the Men Wear Pink event for the American Cancer Society.  They’re going to be coming in.  We’ve got some guest bartenders, sumo wrestling, some jousting, live music out on the patio.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of heaters.  There’s going to be some raffles.  And, we’re going to be doing some drink specials and raising money with special cupcakes for the American Cancer Society,” said Jackie Cameron, General Manager at Buster’s.

Ben Bradford is an ACS Men Wear Pink ambassador.

“Wearing pink every day, most of us have actually gotten a little crazy with it. Some of us, pink pants, pink shoes, pink hats, pink head to toe.  We’re doing this every single day.   The fundraising part of it is really word of mouth.  We’ve got to get that word out there.  We’re using social media, e-mails, direct messages,” said Bradford. 

If you’d like to get involved, raise money, or just check out some of the events going on, check out their website here.