A group of protestors told Ben & Jerry’s representatives Tuesday they don’t want any more talk. They want action.

Migrant Justice picketed at corporate headquarters in South Burlington while the Ben & Jerry’s board of directors was meeting inside.

Migrant Justice/Justicia Migrante is putting pressure on the company to implement the “Milk With Dignity” program.

Protestors say the company committed to the human rights program two years ago.

Members of Migrant Justice spoke with some board members in the morning. They said they would be discussing the “Milk With Dignity” program during the board of directors meeting, according to Migrant Justice members.

“‘Milk With Dignity’ means a day off during the week. It means reasonable work hours. It means dignified housing,” said Miguel Alcudia, a dairy farm worker and member of Migrant Justice, through a translator. “It means transformation of the dairy industry for human rights.”

Workers from the AFSCME Local 1674, a union representing Howard Center social workers, protested in solidarity.

They delivered a letter to a Ben & Jerry’s representative, urging the company to implement “Milk With Dignity.”

“Overall, as a social activist company we appreciate Migrant Justice’s passion and taking the issue to the streets,” said Sean Greenwood, Director of PR/Ben & Jerry’s, to Local 22 & Local 44 News in a statement. “That’s what we usually do! We remain at the table committed to continue discussions with the group as the Vermont dairy community and farm labor are very important issues for us. We’re hopeful for a resolution soon.”