Protestors marched thirteen miles to the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury Saturday to send a message to the company’s leadership.

Migrant Justice members are putting pressure on the ice cream company to implement the “Milk With Dignity” program.

They say, Ben & Jerry’s committed to the human rights program two years ago.

The program lays out guidelines to ensure fair working conditions for dairy workers.

Demonstrators say Ben & Jerry’s needs to honor its promises.

“Walk your talk, and here I am walking my talk so we can all do that together. And if we all do that together, that will make it a lot less painful,” said Kathy Comstock, who protested on Saturday.

Jostein Solhein, the Ben & Jerry’s CEO, says the company has been working diligently to incorporate the socially responsible ideals of Milk With Dignity into its production.

“This is at the core of what Ben and Jerry’s stands for,” said Solhein. “It is not easy these programs and innovate and find new ways of doing things that really, really work. But this is at the core of what Ben and Jerry’s is really about.”

Solhein says Ben & Jerry’s is an “activist company” and that’s why it allowed people protesting the company to do it on site.

He admits Migrant Justice was there to “hold us accountable” to keep moving forward.