ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–Thousands of migrants from the southern boarder have been bussed to New York City since August. The city has been struggling to find shelter for them.

“A lot of the social services in New York City is getting extremely, extremely burdened. And it’s very hard to make sure we have beds and resources to help them,” stated Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

When asked about a New York Post story saying she was interested in seeing if migrants could be relocated to upstate cities, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said she was merely asking New York City leaders if there was anyway for other places to help.

“What I was mostly referring to was in the past, when there were issues of refugee crises across the state, whether it was Afghanistan refugees being evacuated from Afghanistan or Ukrainians being evacuated from the war in Ukraine, mayor’s have said we’d love to help,” explained Gillibrand.

Gillibrand said this is something that mayors would have to pursue.

“So to think that you’re going to move a problem from the metropolitan area and then bring it to the upstate communities, I think is just a very bad idea,” stated New York State Senator, Joe Griffo.

Griffo said upstate communities are already facing many financial challenges post pandemic.

“We in upstate have welcomed refugees, who have done this legally. We have assimilated them and have integrated them into the community and they are an important part of the communities upstate, particularly in my community. Also, we have utilized migrant workers through the protocols and processes in place to help industries like agriculture,” stated Griffo.

Gillibrand said she has not reached out to any upstate mayors, saying it would be inappropriate for her to do so.

“My only role as a federal representative in this type of case, is to get resources, so that mayor’s can make decisions. I can also get resources for not-for-profits trying to help.”

Senator Griffo would like congress and the president to focus on this issue and secure the boarder.