If you are a morning radio listener, chances are you’ve heard of Mike Czarny, who co-hosts “Mike & Mary in the Morning” on Star 92.9.

But while he’s a radio man by day, Czarny is something much different when the sun goes down: a paranormal investigator, which is a fancy way of saying he’s a ghost hunter. 

“I still don’t believe what I’ve seen and heard, the things that I have seen and heard,” he says.  

A couple years ago, Paranormal Investigators of New England, based in Essex, visited Star 92.9. The station is located in Fort Ethan Allen in a building that dates back to the 1800s when it was a cavalry unit.

“And all of the floors are haunted,” Czarney says. “Even the basement is hopping.”

That’s when Czarny decided to take his interest of paranormal activity to the next level by joining the team, which investigates museums, battlefields and other historical sites. The investigators use different types of equipment including a K-2 meter that detects electromagnetic fields and audio. 

“When we do an investigation, we are serious about this,” he said. “We don’t charge — they are free. We want to help people try and figure out what is going on in their homes,” he says.

During the team’s investigation of the radio station, Czarny believes the crew made contact with the daughter of one of his colleagues.

“The back story is, Amanda had lost her child a couple years ago and this thing says ‘mommy,'” Czarny recalls. “And sometimes you don’t understand it, but it says it on the display. And Amanda said, ‘Oh my god, this thing just said ‘mommy.'”

Czarny says it’s a thrill he can’t get enough of. 

“For us, it is an adventure,” he says. “For others, it’s not. It’s scary.”