In this week’s edition of ‘At the Box Office’, Julia Swift is taking a look at Brad Pitt’s newest film, ‘Bullet Train’. Julia says this is the kind of movie that you’ll want to go to, if you’re just looking for a good time and want to laugh with other people. “There’s no depth” she says. “They’re trying to give you a really fun ride…and Brad Pitt is fabulous“. Julia says he was the best part of the movie, and could tell he really enjoyed his time on set.

It’s about a hit-man who’s changed his ways — who then boards a bullet train, with other hit-men from across the world. Overall, Julia says the film is really all about stunts. “It’s directed by a former stuntman…it felt like a really long music video with a lot of stunts…with some funny lines and some great actors” she says.

If you want to go have a really loud, crazy fun time — Julia says it’s worth the watch. Be warned, though, there is quite a bit of violence!

You can catch ‘Bullet Train’ in theaters now.