In this week’s edition of ‘At the Box Office,’ Julia Swift looks at the new documentary, ‘Elephant Refugees.’ Julia has high praise for this one, calling it “the most emotional, moving, and affecting documentary” she has seen in a long time.

It is about elephants on the African continent, and how in the last 10 years, their population has gone down 65%. In 2014, the nation of Botswana decided to ban hunting – and director Louise Hogarth decided to film in the country, highlighting a family that hosts an inn where ‘elephant refugees’ fled, due to access to fresh water. “They’ve sort of made it their mission” Julia says. “They’re going to keep trying to have guests and use the money they earn to get water for the elephants.”

Overall, Julia thought there were a lot of fascinating things about this film. “It’s really hard to watch towards the end, because it’s sad” Julia says. “But I was curled up and watching, because it’s such a powerful, amazing documentary.”

You can catch ‘Elephant Refugees’ on select streaming services today.