In this week’s ‘At the Box Office’, Julia Swift takes a look at the new HBO series, ‘Irma Vep’, as well as Adam Sandler’s newest Netflix original film, ‘Hustle’.

‘Irma Vep’ is about a French director, based on an older film of the same name. This series is supposed to take you behind the scenes of a remake of that film. but Julia says it just didn’t work for her. “It’s going for the funny/over the top vibe” she says. Unless you’re obsessed on what happens behind the scenes in the French film industry, Julia says to avoid this one.

‘Hustle’, on the other hand, surprised Julia. “When we say Adam Sandler on Netflix…all the films he did for them were very over the top, but none were gonna win any awards.” Julia says. “This one is much more serious, and much more beautiful and wonderful”. It’s about a former basketball scout, discovering a talented young player in Spain, and trying to get him to the NBA. Julia says all the NBA stars in the film, former and current, all do an amazing job. Overall, Julia was thrilled with this one, calling it “an amazing experience”.

You can catch ‘Irma Vep’ on HBO Max, and ‘Hustle’ on Netflix now.