In this week’s “At The Box Office”, film critic Julia Swift reviews one of Amazon Prime’s newest shows, ‘Paper Girls’. This week’s edition is particularly unique because Julia is in South Korea on a Fulbright scholarship to teach at an animation and film school in Seoul.

Julia said that she feels ‘Paper Girls’ was overlooked when it was released at the end of July this summer, because it’s too similar to the show ‘Stranger Things’

“It’s actually a very different show, ‘Paper Girls’ is based on a comic book, and it’s about four 12-year-olds,” Julia said, “so in that way, you can see the connection that people are making with ‘Stranger Things’, and it has some sci-fi elements to it. But, Paper Girls has these tough, gritty 12-year-olds who are so believable.”

These realistic characters draw you into the story as you learn about their background, and begin to really care about them. The group of girls are the first in their neighborhood to deliver newspapers, hence the name, ‘Paper Girls’.

Julia says that ‘Paper Girls’ differs from ‘Stranger Things’ in its tone. Where ‘Stranger Things’ is much more horror-focused and scary, ‘Paper Girls’ is more lighthearted, fun, and heartwarming.

‘Paper Girls’ features one of the writers from ‘Toy Story 4’, Stephany Folsom, so whether you’re a fan of her work, or are just looking for a fun coming-of-age romp, Julia recommends you check it out.