In this week’s edition of ‘At the Box Office’, Julia Swift discusses Jonah Hill’s new Netflix documentary, ‘Stutz’. It’s about actor Jonah Hill’s therapist — almost like a self-help piece. Julia says she was curious going into this one, and she says it’s truly inspiring.

This therapist — Phil Stutz — has his own way of doing therapy. He has his own visual tools to help people battling depression — and both he and Jonah Hill use them in the film. Both of these men were very willing to open up about their lives — and Julia appreciated that fact. “It definitely felt real in a lot of ways” Julia says. “It made me think that [Stutz] would be a really interesting, smart friend”.

Overall, Julia thinks people will come out of this with some tools, and an understanding of this fascinating man. “I’m curious to see if this takes off” Julia says. “There’s a lot here”.

You can catch ‘Stutz’ on Netflix today.