As Halloween’s eerie aura descends upon us, there’s a ‘trick or treat’ of a different kind awaiting curious minds.

In the heart of the University Mall in South Burlington, the Paranormal Investigators of New England (PI-NE) are gearing up to share what they say is a spine-tingling discovery made during a recent investigation.

The subject of their fascination? The enigmatic ‘802 Antiques’ store, a place that defies conventional antique shop expectations and, according to store manager Bonnie Plouffe, brims with high energy and unique spirits.

We spoke with a member the investigative team, who took us on a journey into the paranormal, just in time for Halloween.

Betty Miller, the director of PI-NE say they were drawn to ‘802 Antiques’ because Bonnie Plouffe, the store manager, believed there was a unique energy in the store.

At the heart of the story lies their alleged encounters with spirits in the store.

Miller said a spirit named ‘Harold’ had a dark and witty sense of humor.

“At one point, he told [us] ‘they will die,’” she said. “However, as we got to know him, we realized it was his unique way of communicating.”

The director shed light on the mysterious EVPs. They are recordings of voices or sounds that are not audible to the human ear during the investigation but become apparent upon playback.

As we wrap up this haunted tale, one thing is certain: the Paranormal Investigators of New England have brought a special ‘trick or treat’ for all who dare to explore the unknown.