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Giving Local: ‘Wood4Good’

As the winter approaches and the weather gets colder — many of us are getting ready to heat our homes and stay warm in the months ahead. But not everyone has an adequate supply for fuel and firewood. That’s where Eric Axelrod and his two sons, Devin & Logan come in. They’ve created the ‘Wood4Good’ non-profit, and joined the Morning Brew to discuss more about their mission.

“We came up with the idea back in 2019” Devin says. “We had a little extra firewood, and we didn’t know what to do with it — so we decided to give it away”.

“Wood4Good operates like a food bank, in the way that we don’t have a criteria for the wood that we give away” Logan says. “No matter what happens to you, we’ll give you wood”.

Eric Axelrod says that the non-profit wouldn’t be where they are today, without the help and support of their community, business and charity partners. “One of the most impactful things for me, are the stories of the individuals without wood” he says. “Last year, we brought firewood to a family who was out of wood, had COVID, and called us in an emergency. We were able to give them one of our last cords of wood, and help them”.

If you’re in need of firewood this winter, or want to help the Axelrod’s with their mission — head on over to