Lake Champlain International explains how to catch Walleye fish

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Walleye is a freshwater fish native to Lake Champlain. It’s a fish that is also very tasty according to Eric Lamontagne of Lake Champlain International. If it’s a fish you would like to catch for yourself, Lamontagne has a few tips for you. 

Lamontagne says the legend behind the Walleye fish is they are named because their eyes look as if they are always staring at a wall. Though Lamontagne says this is just a legend, it could explain the unusual name. He also says that the most unique fact about the fish is their night habits. The fish are most frequently seen at night, and the best time to fish them is in a low light environment. 

Lamontagne also warns, Walleye are big predators. They have very sharp teeth.

“When you catch them you don’t want to get your fingers anywhere near the mouth,” Lamontagne says. 

Lake Champlain International is currently involved in a study where the organization is looking at mercury concentrations in various fish throughout the lake. The group is asking any Walleye fisherman out there to donate some extra flesh samples from Walleye so LCI can continue it’s research and look at the mercury concentration in this species. The flesh samples do not have to be taken using lethal methods and the fish can still be alive in order to take the necessary amount of sampling. 

If any fisherman have extra samples they would like to donate, you can contact Lake Champlain International. Their number can be found on their website here.


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