After being put off for two years due to the pandemic, the Lyric Theatre Company is back in production with a feature set to hit the stage — ‘Matilda: The Musical’.

“It’s a great show!” says Erin Evarts, the executive director of Lyric. “It takes the book that people know and love and they put music to it. And it’s so funny, and it’s witty, and it’s charming. We have a cast of 32 and it’s just going to blow your mind.”

The pandemic affected most aspects of the show, including costume design, but production supervisor Rob Parzych says they expect to put on a performance for all ages. “This is a show that really encompasses the widest breadth of audience that, I think, we could capture.”

‘Matilda: The Musical’ will be on stage April 7th through 10th at the Flynn Theater in downtown Burlington. You can get your tickets here: