There were many fashion statements made at the Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday, and if you have been on the internet at all, then you know about Vermont Sen. Bernie Sander’s viral outfit.

From head to toe, Sanders was dressed to impress — Burton jacket, Uniqlo pants and handmade mittens. Especially the mittens.

They were made by Jen Ellis, a second grade teacher at Westford Elementary. She used to make and sell them at craft fairs. She said she made the mittens as a gift for Bernie Sanders two years ago but has never met him in person. Ellis says she feels honored to see one of her role-models wear her mittens on such a significant day.

“I made the mittens for him specifically and sent them to him through his daughter-in-law with a note that said, ‘I hope you run again’ and he did, which surprised me,” said Ellis.

Ellis says she doesn’t plan on selling her mittens anymore, but she is honored that Bernie Sanders chose them for the historic occasion.