Puppy shortage during a global pandemic

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Everyone wants love and companionship, especially during a global pandemic that keeps many of us at home. Most animal shelters and breeders can’t keep puppies in their crates because so many feel its the best time to add a new member to the family.

One local breeder loves this silver lining — but reminds individuals to think it through before jumping the gun. Breeder, Owner, and Handler of Horizon BMD, Amanda Wescott gets many emails every day, from people asking to reserve a pup, adopt one, or even both.

“The way that I and other breeders reserve puppies is strictly by sex. You tell us you either want male or female and we go from there, at seven to eight weeks we do temperament testing and the from there we based on your family’s lifestyle we place the right puppy with the right family,” said Wescott.

A local dog trainer wants pup owners to know, dogs can be socialized and trained in ways that still comply with CDC regulations.

“We do a lot of whats called board and trains so the dogs actually come and stay with us and we have a complete contact less way to handle the animals in terms of human interaction. I’ll do pick ups where I show up to somebody’s house and have the family place the dogs into the crate in my car and I can disinfect handles and all sorts of things like that and we are able to be outside and talk at a distance,” said Co-owner and Head Trainer at MotoDog Training, Jill Viggiani.

Wescott and Viggiani say a pet is a great addition to any family, but they note — you shouldn’t purchase one right away, just because you’re home more often.

“We are spending the time to ensure that we are producing healthy puppies so just wait, its worth the wait,” said Wescott.

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