A local Vermont company is becoming a big hit all throughout New England.

Yolo Snacks! creates all different flavors of popcorn. Their factory makes fresh popcorn with corn from a family farmer in Iowa. Peter Gutsell, of Yolo Snacks! says they also use the purest Vermont flavors they can find.

You can find their products at local retailers and grocery stores around Vermont. Zero Gravity, a local brewer in South Burlington also features their popcorn. You can receive a bottomless bowl of the freshly popped corn when you order a beer.

Gutsell says there are big plans for their company. He says his daughter hopes to spread their company to the west coast in Los Angeles. The company also has hopes of moving into large wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club sometime in the fall.

To find out more about this Vermont company you can visit their website here.