Mother of victim called to testify in Oquendo murder trial

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Day three of testimony in the trial against Johnny Oquendo has been an intense one.

Oquendo is accused of killing his stepdaughter Noel Alkaramla.

The defense handed a subpoena to Debra Napoli as she sat in the front row of court on Friday and informed her that she will now have to testify as a witness in her daughter’s murder trial.

“This has been awful. This has been two years. I had a funeral. I birthed my daughter I raised my daughter I buried my child.”

No longer allowed to listen to testimony in the case after being notified she will have to testify as a witness for the defense.

“I’m distraught like any mother would be in my position.”

Meanwhile, inside the courtroom, the prosecution continues to call witnesses.

The first, a doctor who did the autopsy on Alkaramla’s body.

The jury was shown photos of her naked and bruised body folded up inside a suitcase and testifying that her cause of death was from blunt force trauma and asphyxiation from a plastic bag tied around her neck like a rope.

After that, Captain Brian Owens with the Troy Police Department testifying about video footage from several intersections in Troy.

The defense questioning him extensively about his viewing of the footage but the judge ultimately submitting the video into evidence.

All of the testimony is unknown to Napoli as she remains barred from the courtroom.

“I’m holding my headstrong right now.”

She says she is prepared to answer any questions asked of her on the stand.

“He’s a monster and I pray for justice for Noel.”

No word on when or even if she will end up taking the stand.

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