ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Country Music Awards air Wednesday, and as many grapple with the pandemic, the CMA Foundation has developed a program to help music educators from around the country to help share lesson plans to use in their classrooms.

Locally, St. Rose music professor Jennifer Campbell plays a major role in it. Campbell said she never thought she’d connect with educators across the country but in multiple sessions, she added how its an inspiring moment for her.

The initiative supports these educators during a time of uncertainty and Campbell made efforts to connect with local students on these ongoing issues.

“To find the positive in the community and support that we all need within these times is ever-more crucial for the success of every individual educator that’s out there working so hard to do the very best for the students day in and day out,” Campbell said.

The group came together for a “We Will” video, showcasing the unified voices.

CMA Foundation offers tools and other resources to show how the industry and make an impact in the community and what music educators can do to make a difference for their students.