Biden calls $1.8 billion American Families Plan ‘once in a generation investment’

National News

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — President Joe Biden says investing in the American people now will help the country and the economy for years to come.

Biden called the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan is a “once in a generation investment” that will help students, parents and teachers. The plan includes $200 billion for free pre-kindergarten and $109 billion for two years of community college.

“To become a teacher, an entrepreneur, or anything else. For some it’s getting the extra training through a certificate program,” Biden said.

It also provides $1,400 in additional assistance to low-income students, provides paid family and medical leave, and extends the child tax credit to 2025.

“I think it’s about time we start giving tax breaks and tax credits to working class families and middle class families,” Biden said.

The plan, along with Biden’s infrastructure package, add up to $4 trillion in spending, a price tag Republicans can’t get behind.

“Our colleagues on the other side of the aisle just can’t resist stretching out the pandemic, using it as a rationale for additional spending,” said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell says the president should listen to Republicans on infrastructure and cut back on spending. “I and my colleagues on the Republican side are interested in doing an infrastructure package but we’d like it to be about infrastructure,” McConnell said.

Democrats say they are still holding out for a bipartisan deal with Republicans to make the president’s plans a reality.

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