Bison charges girl, sending her flying into air

National News

A video posted to social media shows a nine-year-old girl sent flying through the air by a bison in Yellowstone National Park.

According to the National Park Service, several dozen park visitors were within 5-10 feet of the bull bison for at least 20 minutes before “eventually causing the bison to charge the group.”

The girl’s family took her to the Old Faithful Lodge where park medical providers treated her for unspecified injuries. She was then taken to a park medical clinic and later released.

Park officials recommends visitors stay 25 yards away from large animals, such as bison, elk and bighorn sheep, and at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves.

“Every year, there are regrettable accidents caused by people getting too close to these massive animals,” the Park Service said. “It’s great to love the bison, but love them from a distance.”

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